Design and Fabrication

We offer multiple services tailored for the gas industry from Plant and Field Operators to Plant Design, Startup and Commissioning, Natural Gas Processing Equipment, I&E Support, Automation Support and Optimization Consulting.

Process Remedies also offers a vast array of gas treating plants for a variety of gas processing needs.

Amine Plants

Hydrogen sulfate (H2S) and carbon dioxide (CO2) are two of the most common contaminants in natural gas. Our effective amine gas treating plants remove H2S and/or CO2 from liquid gas or gas streams to processing plant or pipeline specifications.

We have designed, fabricated, operated and optimized amine plants from a single GPM Amine unit up to a 1,000 GPM amine unit

Oxygen Removal Plants

In the past, natural gas streams contaminated with oxygen have been considered unusable. Through the successful use of oxygen removal plants, it is possible to remove oxygen from natural gas streams, even when in high concentrations.

Our effective designs are capable of reducing O2 from levels as high as 3% to completely undetectable levels.

Glycol TEG Plants

When water vapor contaminates a gas stream, the stream can be rendered unsuitable for natural gas use. Our proven glycol/TEG plants are capable of directly removing water vapor from the natural gas stream through the use of Glycol and TEG dehydrators. The outcome is a natural gas stream that meets the standard pipeline specification of seven pounds of water vapor, or less.

H2S Scavengers

H2S scavengers utilize chemicals in order to remove H2S from gas streams to meet minimum pipeline specifications. This solution can be particularly valuable in situations in which a more traditional Amine Plant treatment may not be a cost-effective solution.

Process Remedies has designed, fabricated and operated liquid and solid base scavengers capable of removing H2S from a concentration of 20 ppm up to 3,000 ppm.

Membrane Plants

Membrane plants utilize a process known as selective permeation in order to remove CO2 from natural gas streams. This process is both efficient as well as safe for gas processing projects of all scopes. Not only do membrane plants present less down time, but they are also easier to operate. Furthermore, they are highly adaptable for less gas, more gas, lower CO2, or higher CO2 with very minimal cost.

Our experience includes the effective use of membranes for CO2 removal from levels of 20% to a level of less than 2% in single stage as well as dual stage applications. Because membrane technology is continuing to advance, it is now possible to utilize this resource more efficiently than ever.

LNG/Cryogenic Plants

Liquefied natural gas (LNG) is natural gas that has been converted to liquid form for ease of storage or transport. Cryogenic Plants achieve temperatures of -265°f (-160°c) to liquify and separate the different counterparts of a gas stream.

Our experience includes designing, fabricating, operating and maximizing production of LNG/Cryogenic Processing plants with BTU values ranging from 900-1400.

Fuel Gas Conditioning

Several technologies are available to remove the heavier hydrocarbons from fuel gas that would condense before engines are able to consume the gas. The most economically viable option is utilizing the Joules Thompson effect, in which the fuel conditioning is achieved from pressure reduction in conjunction with an exchanger(s) to condense the higher BTU components from the gas stream.

Process Remedies’ Fuel Gas Conditioning Skids are capable of making any sales quality gas into an ideal fuel gas. Custom designs ensure that customer’s requirements are met and diligently maintained.

Truck Terminals

The importance of a user friendly truck terminal stations for loading/unloading of natural gas products is often over looked. Our designs provide trucking terminals that allow operators to safely and efficiently relocate product with minimal interaction.

Our site specific Trucking Terminals are designed for the efficient and uninterrupted transportation of all LNG and NGLs.

Our experienced team offers proven natural gas processing designs, including standardized designs that are being effectively utilized to remove gas impurities around the country. Whether you need engineering support, personnel support or infrastructure support, we have you covered.